Pony and Horse Activities at the Farm

Pony Experience

There’s nothing quite as cute and impressive as watching that perfect partnership of child and pony !

With this activity children can develop a host of positive traits, including patience, level-headedness, empathy, kindness and responsibility.

Suitable for children up to 6 years
Max. 3 children with 1 pony
No prior experience required
Duration: 30-45 mins, depending on the number of children
Price: €20 for 1 child, €30 for 2 children, the 3rd child is free

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This activity begins with handling and caring for a pony and even the smallest horse-fans can feel a unique spiritual connection to their pony-friend. After brushing and cuddling their pony, the children are welcome to experience pony riding in our arena.

Interact with Horses in Liberty

Come to relax and empower yourself  meeting our group of horses in liberty in their paddock. Feel the peaceful atmosphere of our herd and of our land.

While observing, feeling and touching our horses and ponies they will help you to be present and guide you to feel centered.

Be shure you’ll return home with great impressions! and remarkable photographs!

Suitable for children over 5 years, adolescents and adults
No prior experience required
Duration: about 45 mins
Price: 30 euros up to 2 persons, 5 euros for each additional person

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Under our guidance you can experience an unforgettable time among our herd.
Horses always live in the moment and respond directly to our feelings and moods or reflect our behavior without any prejudice. Sometimes they come to us curiously, smell or lick and want to be touched, sometimes they first observe us from a distance and thus establish contact.
During the whole experience I would be happy to ‘translate’ the reactions and interactions of my horses and ponies for you.

We invite you to connect and interact with our social and sensitive equines and to learn more about yourself and about horse affection, charater and behavior.

Greative Ground Activity

Would you like to get in deeper touch with one of my ponies or improve your communication with horses?
Then, let us arrange a groundwork-lesson in the riding arena and you will receive hands-on guidance in horsemanship skills to walk safely and mindfully with your ‘own’ horse.

Suitable for children from 8 years old, adolescents and adults,
Max. 2 participants
No prior experience required.
Duration: 45 mins.
Price: €30 for 1 person, €50 for 2 persons.

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By communicating at ‘eye level’ with our horse partners, we can develop the basis for confidence in order to perform better in our equine-human relationship.
You will first learn where your horse loves to be touched and massaged. Afterwards you will walk together learning body and mental language and something deeply transformative will happen within the moment you align with the powerful rhythm of the horse. Special exercises, suitable to fit anyone, will help find that clear communication.

Each of my horses has its own, interesting personality. For sure we can find the right horse partner for you !

Riding Lessons and more

My goal, by educating leisure riders, is that horse and rider move in a harmonious way so they can experience how joyful it is to feel ‘one’ with the horse .

Riding lessons take place in the arena. Occasionaly, we also go up to the hills nearby. Normally I teach 1 or 2 riders per lesson, so I can achieve a holistic experience to each rider.

Suitable for children over 6 years old, adolescents and adults up to a weight of 70kg/10 stones.
No prior experience required.
Duration: 60 mins
Price: €35 for 1 person, €60 for 2 persons, discount for 5 lessons available.

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I focus on the partnership dialogue alongside the horse and on the horse, as well as on teaching a safe, relaxed and athletic position on horse. Different gymnastic exercises and games will help you relax and position your pelvis well centered.
Following trustfully the movements of your horse will lead you to a balanced and magical ride.

You will improve your body awarness and your ‘feel’ which is very important in a rider’s development. Feel is the invisible quality in every good rider who is communicating with his horse in harmony.
You will learn to communicate with the horse in a clear, sensitive and relaxed manner and, as a result, the horse will accept your seat, leg and rein aids through the connection.

Ground base exercices, grooming and massaging will also help you develop a deeper connection. While caring and playing with ‘your’ horse you will become in-tune with the horse‘s reactions and feelings.

Practicing with all these skills you will produce knowledge about your 4 legged companion, but also about yourself. Horses are great teachers of self-awareness, because of their ability to read human body, emotions and thoughts, to mirror them and to provide an instant reaction. They will also teach you about personal space, body language, trust, fear, fondness and more. Horses are straightforward in their relationships so interacting with them is a useful lesson in all aspects of life.

Do you want to come regularly once a week for a lesson?

Please ask for our special offers.

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