With our Horses Through the Surrounding Nature

We invite you to explore with us the evergreen area around Peripetia Farm.

Whether you prefer horseback riding, guiding a horse or just walking with us, unforgettable and relaxing experiences are guaranteed.

Guide and Ride

An activity for teams consisting of 1 child, 1 juvenile or adult horse leader and 1 pony.

  • Suitable for children 5-12 years (for riding) + adolescents / adults (for leading)
  • Max. 2 teams
  • No prior experience required
  • Duration: 60 mins.
  • Price: €35  for 1 pony, €60  for 2 ponies


  • Duration: 90 mins.
  • Price: €50 with 1 pony, € 85 with 2 ponies
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After a first contact with your pony and grooming it we develop the basis for a mindful communication in your team with the help of some elementary leading and riding exercises in the riding school. As soon as you feel safe and comfortable in handling your pony, we head out for a leisurely walk through our beautiful surroundings. Children up to 12 years are welcome to be carried by their pony.

Hack with your Horse Companion in Walk

You just want to let yourself be carried away through the nature,  relaxing and enjoying?
This hack we accompany on foot and lead the horses safely by hand.

  • Suitable for children from 8 years, adolescents, adults, max. weight 70kg/10 stones
  • Max. 2 horses
  • No prior experience required
  • Duration: 60 mins. (shorter trail)
  • Price: €35  with 1 horse,  €60 with 2 horses


  • Duration: 90 mins. (longer hack)
  • Price: €50  with 1 horse,  €85 with 2 horses
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The shorter trail leads us above the village Chrani right through the evergreen olive groves.
On the longer hack (September – June) we climb higher up to breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the flanking mountains of Taigetos. A few stops are included in both rides to allow you and your horse companion a joyful rest and to take photographs of the enchanting scenery.

Vigla Picnic Trail

This is an excursion well suited to an entire family, or a group of friends. It takes us to an abandoned village that allows us to take a look back into the history of Greece, including charming discoveries such as old stony ovens and a well filled with cold, sweet pristine spring water even on the hottest of days.

This experience, offered between September and June, can be walked or ridden and includes a snack taken out of saddle bags. Teenagers or adults can give me a hand in leading horses.

  • Suitable for families with children over 6 years, adolescents, adults upto a weight of 70kg
  • No prior experience required
  • Duration: about 4 hours
  • Price: €160  with 2 horses incl. snack for 4 persons,    
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We start this activity with a bonding session between you and your horse, fondling, grooming and walking with your horse in the arena. As soon as you feel save the adventure can begin!

Even experienced riders are excited about this excursion!

If you feel save in handling and riding your horse in a gentle way during an introduction in the arena of Peripetia Farm, I will accompany the hack on horseback.

  • Suitable for adolescents from 12 years and adults upto a weight of 70kg/10 stones
  • Prior experience: Safety in all 3 gaits  in independent riding
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: €160  for 2 riders incl. snack
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The tempo of the hack will depend on the riders‘ amount of experience and their comfort (I.e. Sitting softly with the movement and feeling safe with the horse). The safety of the terrain and the temperature is also taken into consideration.

A professional guide always accompanies each ride.

Hacking accompanied by horse

In small groups with a maximum of 3 people we will hack through the magnificant landscape of Messinia, discovering hidden paths, olive groves and the rough and wild nature with its breathtaking views. Our greek horses will carry you away from well trodden touristic paths. All of our horses are safe, sensible and are ridden bit free.

If you don’t feel yet experienced enough for a hack through the mountains, but can sit safely and softly while walking and trotting you can take part on a handleaded horse.

You can book hacks between September and June. During the hottest months we prefer staying in the shady riding arena

  • Suitable for children over 10 years, adolescents, adults up to a weight of 70kg/10 stones
  • Max. 2 riders
  • Prior knowledge: experienced and safe in independent riding in walk, trot, gallop or Sitting safe and balanced  in walk and trot for riding on a handleaded horse
  • Duration: about 2 hours
  • Price: €65 for 1 rider, €120 for 2 riders
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The tempo of the hack will depend on the riders‘ amount of experience and their comfort (I.e. Sitting softly with the movement and feeling safe with the horse). The safety of the terrain and the temperature is also taken into consideration.
Before your first ride with us, you will have at least 40 mins to become familiar with your horse by grooming and walking or riding with your horse in our riding arena. This will also be an opportunity for you to learn about my riding style and test the reactions of your horse in case of a difficult situation during the hack.

If you are already familiar with our horses, we can also arrange longer rides or a moonlight ride.

Moonlight ride through the mountains

Join us for an unforgettable, magical moonlight night ride on our safe horses over the mountain landscape.

This 2,5 hrs experience takes place a few days before the full moon.

The ruined village of Lefka

During the months between October to May, you can choose to ride with us right up to the Likodimo mountain entering the ruined village of Lefka. There we can savour the special atmosphere and the breathtaking view, while eating a typical Greek farmers snack with cheese and olives.

This experience will take 5-6 hrs.

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